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In pro version

  1. Progress Bar:

    • Visualize Your Streaks: Implement the Progress Bar to visually track your habit streaks in Notion. Witness the power of consistency by seeing your habits grow over time. Motivate yourself to maintain those streaks and build lasting habits.

  2. Buttons:

    • Effortless Logging: Simplify your habit tracking with interactive Buttons in Notion. Easily log completed habits or mark progress with a simple click. Streamline your habit tracking process for a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

  3. Interactive Chart:

    • Data-Driven Insights: Elevate your habit tracking with the Interactive Chart feature in Notion. Gain valuable insights into your habits' trends, identify patterns, and set informed goals. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your routine and achieve your desired lifestyle.

  4. Database:

    • Centralized Habit Hub: Transform Notion into a centralized hub for your habits using the Database feature. Organize your habits, set reminders, and access historical data effortlessly. Enjoy a comprehensive view of your habits' history and progression in one convenient location.

Upgrade your Notion Habit Tracker with these features to turn your habit-building journey into a visually engaging and data-driven experience. Stay motivated, track your progress, and achieve your goals with the enhanced functionality of these powerful tools.

Ultimate notion habit planner to track your habits

Ultimate notion habit planner to track your habits !!


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It is a free product with a paid version.

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